5 Home Remedies for Removing Dead Skin from Feet

Smooth, well-groomed, dirt-free feet are all women’s dreams, especially if you want to show up with high heels open your pet. However, dead skin cells that make your feet often look dull, even stubborn dirt on the skin will cause odor. But, you do not worry about it because you can try some simple and natural home remedies for removing dead skin from feet. Follow these tips below that you can try at home.
1. Aloe veraAloe vera is not only good for hair treatment ingredient, but you can also use it to clean dead skin on your feet. Simply, cut an aloe vera into pieces and in fresh condition, then use the gel to be applied on the foot. Foot massage using the inside of the leaves, so that the aloe gel will spread evenly on the legs and let it dry by itself.
2. HoneyHoney is known to have a lot of benefits for our health. This multifunctional home care ingredient can also be useful to get rid of bad odors and dead skin on the feet. Keep in mind, honey has a good antibacterial ability. Simply, you can try to massage your feet with honey. After 15 minutes, then you can soak your feet in warm water while rinsed.
3. Salt bathBath salt is rich in magnesium that makes skin condition better. There are so many women who prefer salt bath to remove dead skin on their feet. It is also easy to do it. Simply, you can just soak the foot into warm water that has been mixed bath salt at least twice a week in order to remove dead skin cells effectively.
4. Coconut OilCoconut oil is an ingredient that offers a lot of benefit for human health. You can even make coconut oil by yourself or you can also buy the available product in many supermarkets. How to apply this coconut oil to remove dead skin cell on food? Well, Before you sleep, use a little coconut oil on your palms and massage your feet gently for 15 minutes. Let the oil seep into the skin for one night. You can repeat it for a few days until you get the result.
5. Olive oilOlive oil has one million benefits for human health including removing dead skin cell on feet and other parts of the body. This ingredient can make the skin soft and scrape off dead skin cells within a few days. How to apply olive oil to get rid of dead skin cells? Well, you can try to heat three tablespoons of olive oil until it gets warm. Then, you can massage your feet with oil for 10 minutes and leave overnight. Oil will absorb and nourish the skin of the foot.
Finally, those are few simple and natural home remedies for removing dead skin from feet that you can try without spending a lot of money. You do not need to buy a special product to remove the dead skin in a cosmetic store because the cure is already available in our nature.