5 Home Remedies for Removing Foot Calluses

Callus is usually found on the finger, the palms of the hands, and the foot soles. This condition in the medical dictionary is also called callus which means the thickening of the skin due to friction and external pressure that occurs continuously. Can you remove this foot calluses? Well, you can actually try some home remedies for removing foot calluses using some natural ingredients at home.
Using Baking SodaThe first home remedy to eliminate calluses is to apply natural ingredients in the form of baking soda on the hands or feet that have calluses. Baking soda can be mixed into warm water for soaking or making a polish paste. Simply, you only need to provide a basin, pour warm water into it, and then add three to five tablespoons of baking soda. Soak your feet or hands (which have calluses) into it, let it stand for some about 10 – 15 while listening to music, watching TV, or reading a book.
Using LemonLemon is a good ingredient for skin care, whether you use the lemon peels or even you can make a lemon juice. Lemon peels are the perfect ingredients to be used as a calluses-removal where you can put the lemon peel affixed to a callused area. You may need a leather tape that can be used so that the lemon peel is not easy to move or fall when you move or walk. Moreover, you also need to try this home remedy on a regular basis until the calluses on feet disappear.
Using PapayaPapaya is not only delicious to eat,  but it also provides good benefits for digestion and removing the callus. It is very simple to use it for callus removal because you just need to blend it (make sure that the papaya is still raw). Once mashed, natural ingredients can be directly affixed to the area of the calluses evenly. To get the most results, you need to do regularly every day 2-3 times.
Using PotatoPotatoes are usually used to make a delicious soup, but you can also convert it into a good calluses remover. To remove the calluses naturally, you can try to grate the potatoes and then the grater can be attached to the callused area. Finally, you can wear a gauze cloth or a bandage cloth to cover the treated part and let stand for at least 3 hours so that the good content of potatoes that can heal can be absorbed well.
Garlic and VinegarFor annoying calluses, you can try to use a combination between vinegar and garlic. These two ingredients are easy because you only need to blend the garlic which you then mixed with vinegar in a container. The bowl can then be placed outdoors so that sunlight can hit it. After that, a new potion can be applied to the skin of the callus just before you go to bed at night. Regular use will help to soften faster anyway.
Finally, those are a few easy and effective home remedies for removing foot calluses. Calluses can make your feet look awful and sometimes it also causes a bad smell. Therefore, you must try to eliminate it naturally.