Home Remedies for Cleaning Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are expensive. If you have them, one of the last things you want is seeing their amazing look fades over time. This will happen over time, especially if you don’t clean them regularly. If you are looking for a way to clean your diamond rings regularly, you came to the right place. Below, we are going to share home remedies for cleaning diamond rings so that you can clean them easily without having to buy jewelry cleaners. Let’s begin. Soap and WaterThe first examples of home remedies for cleaning diamond rings will be soap and water. Perhaps you think that cleaning jewelry like diamond rings require jewelry cleaners. It turns out, you can use home remedies such as soap and water to clean your diamond rings, too. Soap and water are effective to remove grime and dirt on diamond rings. So, how do you use soap and water for cleaning a diamond ring? First, prepare the water and soap. Take two or three cups of warm water and mix it with three drops of dish soap. You can replace dish soap with gentle laundry detergent if you want. Next, dip the ring into the mixture. When the ring is soaked wet, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe it off. Let it air dry so that it completely dries. ToothpasteToothpaste? Yes, toothpaste. Toothpaste is not only an effective jewelry cleaner, it is also the easiest to use as well. If you want to clean your diamond ring from grimes immediately, toothpaste is your best option. So, how do you use toothpaste for cleaning a diamond ring? Start by taking an inch of toothpaste and a tablespoon of warm water. Mix the two until a loose paste is created. When a loose paste is created, apply it on your ring and make sure it covers every part of the ring. Finally, leave it for a few minutes and rinse them thoroughly. White Vinegar and Diatomaceous EarthLastly, white vinegar and diatomaceous earth.  White vinegar will be capable of cleaning of most stains on diamond rings. Your ring will surely shine again after you soak it wet with white vinegar. Before we tell you how to use white vinegar, be sure that the vinegar you use is white vinegar. Why? The reason is that other kinds of vinegar may damage your ring instead of cleaning them. You want to be careful here. Now, how do you clean your diamond ring with white vinegar? Simply pour white vinegar into a bowl or a jar and put your ring inside. How much is needed? Well, just make sure that your ring is completely covered with the vinegar. After that, leave the ring for 15 minutes and move the bowl/jar around once in a while. When it is done, rinse the ring thoroughly and let it dry. Many people think that the only way to keep diamond rings shiny is to clean them regularly with expensive jewelry cleaners. That is not true, however. There are many ways to do it and using jewelry cleaners is only one of them. In fact, you can use the above home remedies for cleaning diamond rings as well. Now that you know how to use them, you can make your diamond rings shine again. Good luck!