Home Remedies for Removing Rust from Metal You Want to Try

There are many different forms of rust. The most common we can find in our house is one from iron oxides, which occurs due to the metal being exposed to water and/or air moisture. Of course, no one wants their items getting rusty. Unfortunately, many rust removers sold in the market are toxin so it is best to avoid them. The good news is that there are home remedies for removing rust from metal. Here in this article, we are going to tell you three home remedies and how to use them to remove rust from metal. Alright, let’s start. MolassesIf you have molasses and not planning to use it soon, you can use it to remove rust from your metallic items. Why is molasses effective? It is because of its minerals content, which creates a chelating process. And in turn, this process removes rust. To use molasses to remove rust, all you need to do is to soak the item in it. If the item is large, simply apply molasses on the rusted areas. Beware of molasses, though. Molasses is sticky and you need to deal with it later on when you clean the item. If you don’t want to handle sticky items, you may want to use other home remedies for removing rust from metal is molasses Lemon Juice and SaltDo you have extra lemons in your refrigerator but are not in the mood to create lemonade? Well, why not use them to remove rust? The mixture of lemon juice and salt is abrasive enough to remove rust but not abrasive enough to cause damage to the metal surface. To remove rust using lemon juice and salt, you need to mix them both and form a paste from them. After the paste is formed, apply it on the rusted surfaces. Leave it alone for a few hours and then scrub it off.  Since the abrasiveness is mild, you can use it to clean items such as toys, kitchen cutlery, porcelain bathtubs and so on. White VinegarThere are many uses of white vinegar. One of them is to remove rust, particularly the stubborn one. The acidic property of white vinegar is strong enough to dissolve stubborn rust. This is why white vinegar is effective for rust removal. So, how do you use it? To remove rust using white vinegar, all you need to do is to pour it over the rust areas and leave it alone for several minutes. If the rusted item is small, you can soak it with white vinegar and/or wipe the vinegar off the item’s surface. When the rust has been dissolved, the next thing you need to do is to clean the item thoroughly. Make sure that there is no vinegar left as it can damage the item. Rust is unsightly and can do damage to a metal surface if not treated quickly. Using commercial rust removers to remove them may bring result. However, many of them are toxic and it is best to avoid them. If you want to remove rust, it is better if you use one of the home remedies for removing rust from metal we listed above. After all, they are safe, effective, easy to get and easy to use.